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Don Bishop W0WO I started this page on Jan. 28, 2005.  There's a lot to do to make it a more interesting website.  You can see from the buttons to other pages that I have some ambitious plans.  Check in another time to see whether progress has been made.

                                                            Don Bishop

You gotta have a dream, baby! Zzyzx, California, March 2004.

Enjoy my slice of Denver radio history, plus a few other stations. Included are KIMN, KDKO, KWBZ, KBRN, KADX, KBRQ, WKMF, WGMZ, WVIC, WKNX, WATH, WOUB, KBOL, KCOL, KCSU, KCSU-FM, KPPL, KLAK, KTLK, WMSN, WMSB, KUAD, KIIXKZIX and KPUB.

Additional Denver radio station history can be found on these pages:

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If I'm not the Don Bishop you're looking for, maybe one of these links would help:

Don Bishop W6SMB radio amateur in San Leandro, California

Don Bishop, attorney specializing in Social Security Disability in Harrison, Arkansas. Don was the Democratic candidate for Arkansas State House of Representatives for District 85 in 2002. His campaign Web site had the URL of www.donbishop.net.

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Dallas Cowboys defensive back

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Don Bishop no longer djs since mid-2003. Palm Springs, California

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Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Imperial College

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Director of Sports Medicine and Head Athletic Trainer, University of Northern Iowa

Shareholder, the Zisman Law Firm P.C.

Don Bishop broker manager Gaslight Properties

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Don Bishop founder, CEO and CTO of MediaCell, Centennial, Colorado